VOA Associates Incorporated is delighted to announce that we have joined Stantec. We are now part of a team that unites approximately 22,000 employees working in over 400 locations across six continents. This is an exceptional growth opportunity for us. More importantly, it offers our clients with the benefits and opportunities of working with a top ten global design firm.

VOA was built with an emphasis on great design, great people, and great client experiences. Our business strategy has been centered on building a diverse practice and offering deep expertise in multiple market sectors to best serve our clients. We have grown the practice under this model for more than 46 years, and we are proud of our achievements.

Stantec shares our commitment to design, a global growth strategy, and market diversity. Their culture and values align with ours. Our practices and geographic locations complement each other exceedingly well. Merging our talented teams allows us to offer a highly dynamic resource for our clients. And the combined creativity we apply to projects will allow us to go anywhere and meet our clients' needs in a personalized way.

Visit stantec.com and you'll see first-hand how Stantec's commitment to clients, creativity, and community inspires us to enhance and continue our valued role as your design partner. We would be pleased to discuss this exciting development with you further.

Visit voa.com to see how our talents and expertise help Stantec achieve its vision to be a Top 10 Global Design Firm that provides exceptional design and enduring value to clients and their communities.


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