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Youth, nature and community inform Magnuson Campus Center Dining Hall at North Park University

The Magnuson dining center was remodeled to increase seating capacity, create a greater variety of dining settings, improve the atmosphere of the existing space, and take greater advantage of its attractive natural setting.

The architecture of the renovated facility, which reopened in Fall 2013, is now focused on the beauty of the nearby river and landscape outside. Today, students enter the building and encounter a vibrant and inviting dining environment designed to be modern and convenient.

“Dining services plays an important role in fostering a sense of community and encouraging conversation,” said Elizabeth Snezek, Dean of Students at North Park University, of the renovation project at Magnuson Campus Center dining hall. “A vibrant dining experience is vital to create an environment where all members of the campus community are eager to gather around the same table.”


Previously one large undifferentiated space, the Magnuson Dining Center is now subdivided into three distinct seating zones, all with improved climate control, acoustics, lighting, artwork and technology. Along with traditional tables, diners in the seating area can choose from restaurant-style booths, bar stools at higher counters, lounge chairs, and cozy fireplace seating.

AC power outlets are accessible from nearly every seat so that students can charge laptops or phones while dining. The south end of the room can be sectioned off for private events. Motion sensors and automatic controls brighten and dim lighting in response to the external environment and contribute to energy efficiency. 

Photos by Mark Ballogg

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