Beam signing ceremony at Methodist Hospitals Northlake

Emergency Department and Critical Care Services enhancements will improve performance and patient experience

VOA is thrilled to join with our partners for Methodist Hospitals Northlake Campus Emergency Department Groundbreaking Ceremony at the Methodist Hospital NLC in Gary, Indiana.

This celebratory event reaffirms the commitment of Methodist Hospitals to serve the community with safety and compassion. The celebration kicks off project implementation on three areas of the healthcare campus.  Each component is designed to enhance the continuum of care network.

  • Fast track and emergency service enhancements
  • Critical Care service improvements at the first floor to include six private rooms primarily for surgical trauma
  • 12 patient rooms for critical care services on the second floor

All are designed to optimize care delivery and improve operational performance, experience, and safety at the Methodist Hospital’s Northlake Campus. These enhancements will result in a place where the community can attend to immediate care needs.

Patient Room Angled Strokessmall

Trauma center: Emergency service enhancements will allow for future designation as the first trauma center in NW Indiana, a Level III trauma center.

Triage rooms will support decreased waiting times so that treatment can start upon arrival. More and improved intensive care patient rooms will be made available.

ED Nurse Communications Angled StrokeSmall

Enclosed exam rooms offer observation joined with acoustical privacy through the use of breakaway glass doors. Patient rooms will be directly visible to the care provider team. Direct visualization into patient rooms by the care provider team reduces incidence of falls and complications. Larger rooms allow for care as well as family and patient zones which support increased aftercare communications.

Health-promoting design: Dedicated enclosed toilet rooms reduce incidences of hospital-acquired infections. Improved spaces are intended to accommodate additional life-saving equipment and technologies and increase satisfaction levels.

The leadership at Methodist Hospitals has thoughtfully planned improvements for emergency and critical care services to take place in tandem, so that together they continue to work in concert to respond to the needs of the community.

We are proud of our contribution in designing this complex series of enhancement projects in an operational hospital. We look forward to showing you the performance-based results of this collaborative effort.

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