Beidaihe City Resort Hotel

A new seaside getaway for China’s travelers coexists with natural beauty

A safe bet: China’s rapidly growing middle class will spend a portion of its disposable income on travel.  The Chinese hospitality market is expected to expand from $39 billion in 2012 to a projected $56.2 billion in 2017. Travel within China, which currently accounts for the bulk of Chinese travel spending, is projected to increase by 16 percent per year and to be worth ¥3.9 trillion ($615 billion) by 2020.

Many of those Chinese tourists are bound to head for the Beidaihe district of Qinhuangdao, a hotspot because of its access to shores of the Bohai Sea, its proximity to Beijing, and pleasant climate. A favorite of Chairman Mao in his day, Beidaihe still serves as a breezy getaway for government officials. The new Beidaihe City Resort Hotel was designed to attract those upwardly mobile travelers and to coexist with the natural beauty for which Beidaihe is renowned.

VOA’s team, headed by Christopher Groesbeck, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP with David Stelter, Tomone Iizuka and Michael Cipriani as the exterior design team and Serena Yu Wen , Sai Chu leading the interiors, designed the hotel.

The design inspiration for the hotel, which expects a 5-Star rating, is largely derived from classical European architecture. The hotel’s elegant curves and two-story mansard roof (sometimes known as a “French roof”) recall the Baroque-influenced forms of Paris. Landscaped gardens were designed to provide a bridge between the conference center and the hotel and to symbolize unity between eastern and western traditions of architecture. The Beidaihe City Resort Hotel sits on a spacious plaza connected to the nearby Olympic Park where its sculptures rejuvenate the space.

In addition to its traditional Chinese restaurant, the hotel also features a three-meal Western-style restaurant and a bar/winter garden, offering guests a wealth of culinary choices without ever leaving the hotel. A conference center, designed to IACC specifications, shares space with the hotel’s many amenities. The luxury spa, pool, and fitness center round out the hotel’s offerings. With their increasing taste and means for travel, upwardly mobile Chinese will likely make Beidaihe City Resort Hotel a popular destination in 2014.

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