Bisnow Future of Office and the Creative Workplace

Three key takeaways from the Bisnow event

Earlier this month, I attended Bisnow’s Future of Office and the Creative Workplace event at the DC Convention Center.

The day-long event, featuring representatives from Lend Lease, Bloomberg Government, Motley Fool, Herman Miller, Cooper Carry and others was comprised of two panel discussions, each preceded by a brief keynote speech. The first panel was led by developers, contractors, lenders and an architect. The second group featured designers, clients, a venture capitalist and a furniture marketer. I felt that the first panel covered the major issues regarding the contemporary workplace, and the second panel brought the topic to life.

Kay Sargent of Lend Lease gave the first keynote, touching on topics such as what makes up corporate DNA, “technostress,” cognitive ergonomics and evolution of the workplace. The panel talked about adding amenities to the urbanized work environment and what “authentic development” means.

Yolanda Cole of Hickok Cole Architects gave the second keynote, with subject matter that ranged from co-working spaces to “programmed collisions,” the importance of process and brand, and “curated” building developments. The tenant/culture panel delved into topics such as the Crystal City model for future workplace development, corporate culture bubbling from below, small space/high revenue and designing buildings that work for people, not numbers.

My three biggest takeways from the Future of Office and the Creative Workplace?

One. We’re experiencing the evolution of the workplace from enclosed to choice-driven work environments. Choice-driven environments offer multiple ways to work.

Two. It may be youthful, but the tech sector needs to be taken seriously. As Paul Singh CEO Disruption Corporation told us, “Don’t call them kids or startups, they are the giants of future business…the unicorns are out there sitting amongst us.”

Three. Culture matters, environment matters and workplace culture is best when it bubbles from the bottom rather than being imposed from above.

Today, the conversation about the evolution of the office and creative workplace is ongoing.  Keep an eye on the VOA blog for more thoughts and trends in workplace design.

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