Chair Emme

Enrico Boimond’s chair was a finalist in São Paulo Design Week

What’s your educational and professional background? How did you end up in Chicago?

I was born in Rome and started my architecture career as a listener student at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome. The following year I moved to Oxford Brookes School of Architecture where I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree and then relocated to Brazil for my Master’s Degree.  Last summer I took part in a student workshop/competition in Venice organized by Venice Architectural Association and IUAV University of Venice which featured VOA’s Chris Groesbeck and Monika Thadhani. I was selected as one of the winners and as part of the prize I was offered an internship in several offices and chose VOA in Chicago because of the strong connection I built with Chris and Monika during the workshop. So here I am!


How long have you been designing furniture?

It all started one year ago. A big furniture company In Brazil called Tok&Stock opened a student competition to design a side table. I thought it was too boring to design only a side table. So I challenged myself to see if I could create a design that could transform from a side table into a chair. Every renowned architect has their own chair! And I thought my chair had to fit into these parameters to attend demands of contemporary space. We live in a very self-centered society focused on comfort. Today it is always about the “I” and not the “Us,” so I think versatility is the key to contemporary space. Versatility, I think, is the new big theme in interior design and as such furniture has to evolve to achieve this requirement.

Did I win?


But the week after, I received an email explaining that my design was just too expensive to be produced and this was largely the reason I wasn’t shortlisted. I felt I needed to go deeper. So the following week I put the first chair I had produced by hand in a luxury design auction in São Paulo and managed to sell it as a prototype for 3000 dollars!


What was the inspiration for this piece?

The basic foldable wooden chair; It was the “folding” that inspired me.

Which furniture designers, chairs are your favorites?

Charles Eames and the Campana Brothers from Brazil

Where has it been shown?

It was showcased last month at the 2015 São Paulo Design Week as Finalist and next year we are planning to head to the 2016 Milan Design Week.

Will it be produced and available commercially?

Yes. I started to produce it myself and sold-out the first stock in a week. After a couple of months the business was taking too much of my academic time. I nearly thought of dropping out of school. Then a big firm called Acierno, an Italian design company, found me and offered to produce it and sell it for me. It is produced entirely using Brazilian wood and now it is currently available in Freijo and Inbuia wood with variable metal finishes. The starting price is 650 dollars. So now I am next to Alvaro Siza in their catalog. I can deal with that, right?

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