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What does design say about workplace engagement, airports of the future and infusing history into a hotel? Download the new DQ.

Employee engagement is on the mind of today’s organizations. As designers of workplace environments, we have our own ideas about influencing engagement. The new VOA Design Quarterly examines designs role in addressing this workplace engagement issue from the point of view of three VOA workplace designers. It also looks at design’s role in upgrading North America’s airports, how architectural history and legacy can be incorporated to create engaging hotels and how the Socratic method can inform the education of China’s next generation of architects. Closer to home, the publication features VOA designers weighing in on the role of fast-changing technology in design.

Click below to read the Design Quarterly articles online, or download the PDF version here.

Engagement in the workplace | Part one
Three strategies to creating environments that promote workplace engagement

Engagement in the workplace | Part two
Promoting engagement in the workplace requires us to design to generational preferences.

Engagement in the workplace | Part three
If you provide wide ranges of spaces to meet in or work in, you’ll get a different result.

The future of air travel  
What factors will impact airport designs of the future?

History in hospitality, Residence Inn
Bringing new life to the historic Roanoke Building was well worth the challenges.

Napkin conversations in China
Turning architectural practice into conversation at China’s Jilin University

Park Boulevard
New advances in the planning and design of affordable housing

Frederick Robertus | On Process
“Understanding context comes with time”

Five technologies changing the face of architecture
Before we can contemplate the practice of the future, we must sharpen the tools we have at hand.

Applying new technology to design 
Harnessing and applying new technology requires new thinking and processes, but the potential is huge.

For more on engagement, download the new VOA Design Quarterly.

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