Design Quarterly Fall 2014

The Fall 2014 VOA Design Quarterly focuses on building repositioning in Washington, D.C.

Downtown Washington, D.C. office space has become increasingly desirable, but its supply has topped out as a result of the city’s century-old height limit of 110 feet for non-residential buildings. As a result, a market somewhat unique to D.C. has emerged around repositioning older buildings.

In the VOA Fall 2014 Design Quarterly, we focus on the repositioning market in D.C., talk about VOA’s design ethos in regards to these projects, look at the completed repositioning of 815 Connecticut Ave NW and its various features, the finished 1620 L Street NW and trophy class 1800 K Street which is currently under construction.

Read the Design Quarterly online or download the complete Design Quarterly Fall 2014 as a PDF.

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