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BSH Home Appliance Experience & Design Center opens in the Architects & Designers Building

Germany’s Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group, the world’s third largest leading manufacturer of high-end appliances, sells under the Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau brands in the U.S. It recently amplified BSH’s presence in the States with the completion of the VOA-designed BSH Home Appliance (BSH) Experience & Design Center in the iconic Architects & Designers Building in New York City. The 6,000-square-foot showroom features over 120 high-end appliances from BSH’s premier product lines. VOA and BSH Appliances co-sponsored an event at the BSH Home Appliances Showroom on Tuesday, September 24. The event, attended by a full group of real estate and design professionals, featured wine tastings from the JCB Collection, a chef demonstration and tastings and a full collection of Baccarat glassware.

Unique Interactive Experience VOA designed the world-class space as a lifestyle showroom, featuring BSH appliances in a home-like format with which designers, architects and developers can interact. Customers can see, touch and operate BSH appliances in this residential-style setting. BSH’s trademarked “App Bar” allows the customer and design professional to tailor products to their preferences in real-time on screen. Three full demonstration kitchens, each highlighting a unique brand, give customers an opportunity to personally experience product performance first-hand via live demonstrations.The integrated design features a neutral palette and contemporary materials such as stainless steel, white lacquer, stone, glass, wood flooring, raw exposed ceiling and an herb Gro-Wall, which create a chic aesthetic that seamlessly blends with the branded components. This lifestyle model design center elevates the space beyond a typical showroom, highlighting the elegance of the high-performance BSH brands. Elegant Dining & Meeting Space VOA’s design extends the sophisticated residential feel to the BSH meeting room, designed to resemble an upscale dining room. VOA designed an elegant room replete with plush fabrics, luxe furniture and polished finishes, including Tom Dixon Wing Back Chairs, custom-designed carpet and draper, an embossed crocodile Caesarstone conference table and Baccarat chandeliers. This multi-purpose space serves as a setting for industry events, business meetings and serves as an extension of the sales floor for informal meetings. The space lends itself to a full range of activities from executive meetings to wine tastings. Design Challenges Creating the space for BSH required both aesthetic and technical inventive solutions. Associate Interior Designer Miyuki Habiro, LEED AP explains, “The great challenge in designing BSH was to unify three different brands in one space, while respecting each brand’s individual character.” Technical challenges included fitting all required appliances into a limited space and providing appropriate air distribution for cooking demonstration areas. Fortified East Coast Presence BSH, while German-owned, manufactures most of its appliances for the U.S. in New Bern, North Carolina or La Follette, Tennessee. Naturally, the brand desired a higher profile on the East Coast.This luxury showroom presents BSH with the opportunity to re-enter the New York market and strengthen its overall presence in the States. With its location in the A&D building and thoughtful design, the center is positioned to attract walk-in customers while elevating BSH’s brand reputation with design professionals. The New York City showroom is an extension of the Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau brands, demonstrating the beauty and functionality of the BSH product lines and setting a high bar for contemporary kitchen design. Size: 6,000 square feet Team: Mariam Cantelmi, Cayce Becket, Miyuki Habiro, Kari Miketo, Christina Lo, Erik Millward and John Yee

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