Five emerging trends from NeoCon 2015

Sit-to-stand work surfaces were all the rage this year

The dust has settled on NeoCon 2015, but I’m still taking inventory on some of the design trends that emerged from the commercial interiors event in Chicago this year. Design is a hot topic these days so it was no wonder that I witnessed record attendance at the event, each floor of the Merchandise Mart packed with the curious and obsessed. Some trends emerged from the show.

  1. In furniture, the sit-to-stand work surface (such as Steelcase Ology) was everywhere.
  2. Office design pieces and furnishings are more residential looking with a mid-century modern twist. Take, for instance, the new office furniture line by West Elm.
  3. Personalization and customization are on trend in products that give the designer endless possibilities like Mannington’s Anthology LVT collection and Mosaico Digitale.
  4. Technology integration (Dupont Corian Charging Surface and Stir Kinetic Desk) was quite big throughout the Mart, so much so that extra security guards were called in to keep a close eye on various installations.
  5. There were two directions in fabric trends. The first veered toward residential-inspired warm tones such as Arc-Com’s Kalos Collection or Erin Ruby’s HBF Textile Collection. The second was toward bright, vibrant, large-scale patterns such as the Adjaye Collection by David Adjaye for Knoll Textiles.

In summer 2016, I’m hoping to see more red-list free materials, with a focus on fewer toxins and more American made products.

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