Five favorite things about Social Tables

What’s not to love about hot pink, kitten wallpaper and spin rooms?

Event planning software upstart Social Tables has quickly made a name for itself in its home base of Washington, D.C. I had the pleasure of working with the young tech company and CEO Dan Berger on the bold, energetic design for its new workplace. The G Street NW location is characterized by open, collaborative work areas, ringed by themed meeting rooms as well as spaces with more privacy for research and hospitality areas that easily can convert to meeting space or party space as needed. It’s the ideal workplace for a company culture in which work and play intermingle on a daily basis. There’s a lot to talk about regarding Social Tables’ workplace, but today I’m focusing on five of my favorite spaces at the D.C. headquarters.


  • Hot pink arrival lobby. The first impression on arrival is ‘Wow.’ Social Tables doesn’t mind a little attention and pink is its signature color. When you exit the elevator, you know you’ve arrived at a unique place.
  • The Tim Burton-inspired Game Room. In contrast to the lobby, it is dark and mysterious, just the right feel for decompressing. This is where Social Tables team members can take a mental break, play a round of pool or sink into a vast lounge chair.
  • Spin Room. Does ‘no time for a visit to the gym but a full calendar of meetings’ sound familiar? Team members hop in the spin room and bounce a few ideas off each other while getting a work out in.
  • Themed meeting spaces. It hurts to single one out among the 30+ themed meeting rooms that ring the open workspaces, so I’ll pick three. I love the fifties-era modern furnishings in the “Madmen Room” and the AstroTurf, picnic table and New York skyline mural in the “Park Room” as well as the prominent pink kitten wallpaper in the “Grandma Room.”
  • Hospitality Lounge. The generously-sized open space at the entrance to Social Tables is a multi-function social lounge. It’s a space where the staff can informally gather during the day for meetings and meals or come together more formally for all-hands meetings. It welcomes visitors too. Social Tables can host parties, lectures, even a press conference featuring D.C.’s mayor on short notice. It communicates Social Tables’ expertise through the ease with which they put people, spaces and events together.

Below, Pablo Quintana talks about collaborating with Social Tables and CEO Dan Berger on its new HQ.

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