Florida Hospital – Center for Women

Redesign for the non-profit Adventist Health System

Putting the eight Adventist principles in Florida Hospital’s mission (Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlooks and Nutrition) at the core of VOA’s initial design concepts, the redesign intends to provide an emotional and empowering experience to hospital patrons. The physical inspires the emotional in both design and materials, each of which reference water for its qualities of flow, calmness and rest, as well as spiritual and healing symbolism. Interior studies for the first floor lobby promote a positive outlook, emphasizing activity, choice, and nutrition, all part of Adventist’s core principles. Curbside pickup/dropoff, marketplace and reception, as well as labor and delivery floors are redesigned for efficient movement and emotional response. Patient rooms and corridors will be simplified and reorganized as well, with “neighborhoods” creating scale and identity on patient floors.

Size: 148,900sf
Team members: Rebel Roberts, Jonathan Douglas, David Boldt, Richard Reep, David Dement, Maria Barillas, Jay Jensen, Valerie Miller, Veronica Zurita, Stephanie Moss, Michelle O’Shaughnessy, Marissa Blake, Fred Rambo, Zack Benson, George Mella, Jose Urdaneta, Melvin Lopez, Chad Smith, Paul Bryant, Melissa Ogden, Ashley Sojda, Arthur Garcia-Clemente, Craig Walker and Rob Terry

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