Forbes on the vertical campus

Education blogger calls Roosevelt University’s Wabash Building an important statement

Last week Forbes education contributor James Marshall Crotty shared his enthusiasm for Roosevelt University’s VOA-designed vertical campus in Chicago, the Wabash Building. Crotty speaks of his ongoing obsession with Chicago architecture and how that fed his curiosity about Roosevelt University’s LEED-certified Chicago campus building.

He writes that the “Wabash Building is an important statement about the growth strategy of urban universities such as Roosevelt — upward, not outward.” Crotty talks about the university building creating an incentive for students to spend more time around Chicago’s lakefront and enthuses about its amenities and “billion dollar” views from every floor.

The article suggests that environment is a vital factor in student selection of a private university. It talks about vertical campuses as a symbol of heritage and longevity. And it quotes Roosevelt University Assistant Vice President Bridget Collier (a Wabash Building resident) on the university’sefforts to create a bond between students and the place where they live and learn.

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