High Rise Healthcare Facilities for the 21st Century

Doug King speaks at the CCHRB seminar on the future of vertical healthcare

Healthcare facilities are complex buildings to plan, design, construct and operate; and high rise hospitals offer another layer of challenges to architects, contractors and owners. Chicago has become one of the foremost leaders in high rise healthcare facilities; home to several of the tallest healthcare facilities in the world as well as a knowledge center for the design of these facilities. Urbanization trends around the globe suggest that vertical healthcare has much to offer cities in the future. Recognizing all this, the Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings will host a half-day seminar in Chicago in April to facilitate discussion and catalyze further research into the challenges of vertical healthcare structures.

The seminar will range across the major issues for designers, constructors and administrators of these complex buildings. Anyone involved in the economic planning, design, construction and operation of large healthcare facilities will find it useful—from facilities managers, healthcare executives to building owners, architects, designers and engineers.

Scheduled presentations and workshops will include discussions of the urban healthcare market to code impacts on vertical healthcare structures and detailed investigations of elevatoring, exterior enclosure systems and HVAC technology in high rise healthcare. Harris Meyer of Modern Healthcare Magazine will deliver the seminar’s opening remarks.

As the originator of the topic for this seminar, I will provide a broad overview of high-rise healthcare with my presentation “Why a High Rise Healthcare Workshop” and, with Harris Meyer, will facilitate a group discussion and moderate a roundtable discussion and Q&A to wrap up the session.

Today, with urbanization and population-centered healthcare on the rise, it’s high time we focused on this dynamic and challenging high rise building type. I hope you’ll join us in Chicago this April.

Tuesday April 26, 2016, 12-5pm, admission begins at 12:15 PM
Harris Bank Auditorium
3rd Floor, Harris Bank Building
115 South LaSalle Street
Chicago, Illinois

To register for the seminar and preview the seminar and round table in detail, visit CCHRB.org

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