How we travel… | Part one

VOA millennials share insights and attitude toward hospitality

In terms of values, attitudes, beliefs and lifestyle, Millennials are distinguishing themselves from previous generations, the Baby Boomers, Generation X. But Millennials, as we found, are far from a cookie-cutter collective. For example, these millennials, loosely defined as the generation that reached adulthood around the year 2000, choose hotels and airlines for different reasons. Recently a group of millennials from the VOA hospitality studio in Chicago gathered at the Freehand Hotel in Chicago to talk about how we travel in an effort to generate ideas for the next generation in hospitality design. What drives millennial travel might be tough question, but these four millennials were eager to share their attitudes and preferences for travel and their ideal experiences. Today, VOA’s Elizabeth Karam tells us how she travels.–Molly O’Keefe






When I travel, I want to be as comfortable as possible and spend as little money as possible. This may seem pretty obvious and typical of my generation in some ways. Like a millennial, I want to feel a sense of security and trust in the companies I use, but don’t want to have the exact same experience again and again. Best price, unique experience, and ease are the key factors that are important to me regarding travel. When I think about brands to which I am loyal—Southwest, Chicago Athletic Association, and Uber—I realize that all three encompass at least two of these qualities. With Southwest, it is all about the ease of booking my travel and the flexibility of cancellation without an extra charge. With Chicago Athletic Association or Chicago’s Soho House, I’m attracted to the level of elegance and comfort these hotels encompasses. The unique common areas make me feel as if I’m enjoying a one-of-a-kind event. And Uber gains my loyalty with a combination of ease, pricing and an “elite” experience. It’s as easy as clicking a button, getting the best price, and it’s a personal car coming straight to you. Ultimately, when I am traveling I want to have unique experiences but a certain level of comfort with the logistics.

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