Inside Jonathan Steinberg’s office

Designing the corner executive office at Manhattan’s WisdomTree Investments

Recently, a New York Times Dealbook profile pictured chief executive of WisdomTree Investments Jonathan Steinberg in his executive office. Seeing this VOA-designed executive office in the spotlight provided a great opportunity for a focus on design, materials, furnishing and color selection for an executive office. Today, VOA checks in with our own Christina Lo for more details on designing Steinberg’s office at WisdomTree Investments.

What were the primary drivers of the design for the executive office?
The executive office was a chance to take the overall concept of a calm, modern, subtly tailored design aesthetic to the next level. The corner executive office at WisdomTree has the advantage of substantial daylight and expansive classic Midtown Manhattan views, so the furniture silhouettes and color palette were selected to complement, not compete with those views.

What kind of feeling is this office supposed to evoke?
Together with the abundance of natural light and city views, the clean lines of the space and its furnishings evoke a feeling of tranquility and focus in an otherwise stressful environment. The office also offers Jonathan Steinberg, an avid collector of both historical photographs and modern pop art toy figurines, to infuse the space with his personality.

Which colors and materials did you select and why?
Jonathan is an avid art collector and this was a driving influence when it came to selecting furniture and materials. The colors and materials chosen had to create a complementary palette to showcase any art that he would display, as well coordinating with the rest of the office as a whole. Soft greys and slate blue tones accented with a warm light bronze were selected to create contrast against the blonde Anigre hardwood door and the grey-toned wood casegoods. The slate blue velvet emphasizes the plush channel tufting of the low-slung, club-style sofa from Bright Group. The coordinating lounge chair is upholstered in a modern low profile tweed to add distinction. Upholstery was selected to conjure an updated version of bespoke suit tailoring. The side table has bold sculptural lines that contrast against the plush lounge furniture. The custom, light-grey, walnut Aviator cocktail table by Kavante with angled bronze legs resembles an airplane in flight, with a cantilevered table top that appears to defy gravity. This adds to the openness and subtlety of the space.

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