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La Rabida Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center obtains LEED-HC certification

La Rabida Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center located in Chicago, Illinois recently earned LEED-HC certification from the US Green Building Council. There are fewer than ten certified LEED-HC projects in the United States.

USGBC launched the LEED for Healthcare (LEED-HC) rating system in 2011 to advance green building design in promoting positive human health outcomes. Research confirms that green healthcare facilities support faster healing, shorter hospital stays and fewer return visits.

Sustainable features which contributed to LEED-HC certification at La Rabida Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center include:

1.            An 18% reduction in energy use compared to code requirements (ASHRAE 90.1-2007).

2.            A 40% reduction in HVAC fan power

3.            A 57% reduction in space cooling energy consumption

4.            Over 95% recycled construction waste

5.            Flooring containing linseed oil, pine rosin and jute, all rapidly renewable materials

6.            Finishes containing low volatile organic compounds (VOC) for healthy indoor air quality

7.            Landscaping that does not require irrigation

8.            Healing garden providing a place of respite away from the medical environment for patients, visitors and staff

9.            Reuse of 75% of the exterior walls and 50% of the interior walls, diverting material away from the landfill

10.          Extensive commissioning is underway to ensure mechanical systems are working to their fullest potential

11.          Bicycle racks are provided to encourage staff and visitors to bike to the area.

12.          Indoor water fixtures use 20% less water than current code requirements.

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