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Rebel Roberts explains why “we are better together”

VOA has joined Stantec, an architecture and engineering firm with more than 22,000 creative team members across North America and the world. Stantec creates communities. Today in our Better Together series, Rebel Roberts shares his enthusiasm for joining forces with Stantec, why architecture is suited to today’s big challenges and why design depends on listening.


At its core, design is about listening. It’s about understanding people’s aspirations and their needs. Design is about working with people to make life fundamentally better. It is about imagining what could be. We hope to connect with people in a participatory process to articulate and understand their vision. We have cultivated a collaborative culture at VOA which ensures that the vision is authentic and shared.

As designers of buildings, landscapes and communities, we are faced with today’s most significant challenges. The world’s increasing population and scarcity of resources demand our engagement. The obligations of our training and design ethos mean that we are we are uniquely positioned to forcefully lead design. We must take up that challenge enthusiastically. Our opportunities are seemingly endless and at every scale: from historic communities that are evolving to new communities that reflect vision, place, dignity and equity. Landscapes, buildings and interiors that together reflect the best of our values and stewardship–that is what we should be doing.

At VOA, we’ve always been about great people. We look for people like us who are passionate about design. It’s the way we look at the world. Architects seek cool work. We search for places that provide opportunities to imagine; settings where diverse perspectives are encouraged in the spirit of creating something better together. We look for a place where craft is valued and the design energy is palpable. We want to join a place that encourages exploration; a place where you want to be.

Stantec has a design focus. The design talent is doing remarkable work. Stantec has the depth of thought leadership, collaborative culture and global reach to compete for the most interesting and challenging work in the world. Stantec has the resources to innovate with research and technology across all disciplines, infrastructure, science, engineering, planning, architecture and interiors, so that the design focus is firm-wide. Those attributes attract the talent that will drive design forward into the future. We are excited about going into that future with our new colleagues at Stantec.

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