Rebecca Buchmeier and Joe Dietz receive John Baird Award for Stewardship in Historic Preservation

The Facade Legacy Project assists South Pullman property owners with historically accurate drawings to guide the restoration of their homes.

VOA is excited to announce that earlier this month Senior Associates Rebecca Buchmeier and Joe Dietz, along with other members of the Beman Committee of the Pullman Civic Organization, received the 2014 John Baird Award for Stewardship in Historic Preservation for their work on the Façade Legacy Project awarded by the City of Chicago Landmark division.

Chicago’s Pullman District was planned by architect Solon Spencer Beman and built in 1880-84 as a model industrial town for the Pullman’s Palace Car Company. Today, hundreds of its Queen Anne style brick homes remain largely intact.

Joe and Rebecca

Between 2007 and 2012, the Beman Committee members documented architectural details of more than 600 homes in the South Pullman neighborhood, researched the original façade details (original doors, porches and windows) and historic photographs, then collected this information and published it in an easy-to-use online database for homeowners. The database serves as a resource to encourage preservation of Pullman’s architectural heritage.

“This was a very special project as it is something that no one else in the nation has completed before and I am proud to be a part of it,” says VOA Architect and Beman Committee co-chair Rebecca Buchmeier.

Plans to expand the Façade Legacy Project to North Pullman are slated for the coming year, along with hands-on workshops for property owners to learn preservation-friendly repair techniques.

Read more about the Façade Legacy Project.

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