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Highlights from this summer’s sketch outings

VOA encompasses a large community of architects, designers, and thought leaders who see the world with unique perspectives. Sketch Group seeks to harness this talent by giving each individual a voice and a medium in which to convey these perspectives. Sketch Group has been a part of VOA Chicago for many years. During the Summer of 2015, I partnered with Yao Lin and led a group of VOA sketchers to explore the city of Chicago. These rough often unfinished drawings reveal a lot about how each of us sees the world around us. Through their sketches, individuals are able to tell stories of life in the city.

Sketch Group gives VOA people an opportunity to leave their desk, get some fresh air and sunlight, and practice their sketching skills. I have attended almost all of the group outings simply because it invokes positive energy in my workplace experience. Sketching provides a nice break from daily tasks and allows me to exercise my ability to represent what I see.

Today, we’re featuring the work of sketch leaders Yao Lin, Lindsay Boley and regular sketchers Peter Kao, Marie Kruse and Dana Taylor. Thanks to occasional sketchers Rachel Hrobon, Rae Koshida, Breah Page, Michael Corless, Paul Bryant, Theresa Gorman, Carol Renner and John Dugan for participating.

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