Sketch | Mixed-use project in Asia

Rebel Roberts tells us about a series of conceptual design sketches

Rebel Roberts tells us about a series of sketches.

A mixed use project in Asia, conceptual design for an anonymous client

Pen on tracing paper

Winter 2012

The drawings seek to explore two ideas for a dense mixed-use development on a plinth overlooking a waterway. While visiting the site, there emerged the fundamental question of how development meets the river. One set of ideas deals with city gateway while another set imagines the high rise buildings as tall ships which have sailed upriver.

What do you like best about it?
Both explorations evoke the emotions embedded in the idea of a gateway, with the second capturing the energy and lines of movement symbolized by sails.

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    An architect I know equates rendering by hand to the tactile experience of playing a musical instrument. Your evocative renderings demonstrate this You have a more intricate grasp of the planning details than if CAD Nice job

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