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Ricardo Bermudez tells why he sketches.

By Ricardo Bermudez, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB

Sketching and drawing by hand are a big part of my process. Sketching takes me to a Zen state of relaxation. It’s a creative outlet where it’s just me and the pen, as hokey as that sounds. Sketching allows me to step away from the restraints of the computer, take a break from hectic office activity and let the creativity flow. My sketches are often geared towards a particular design idea, and they can be inspired by whatever I’m working on in the office or what I’m reading, seeing and experiencing.

Today, Ricardo talks about four sketches.

Imaginary site”
I was thinking about the idea of buildings as part of the Earth, part of the earth in which society dwells. The drawing is about how space and sense of place can live without architectural context. I wanted to create urban public spaces (public assembly, green space, interior court, outdoor plaza) using different aspects of the project form.

New Mexico Pueblo”
I sketched this in my backyard over the Xmas holidays. It was inspired by a backdrop of dark red clay-colored hills.

“Urbanity in Motion”
On a day of inspiration walking around in NYC, I visited the MOMA, the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art all the while absorbing the energy and life of the city. The drawing was done the evening after the trip into the city and reflects what I experienced that day.

“Wildlife and Habitat Center”
Earlier in my career I sketched a design concept for a LEED Platinum education center before the project was put on hold. A brownfield site was cleaned, reclaimed and donated to a city as a nature preserve for children with a small education center showcasing various sustainable technologies for building technologies, water and energy use.

“High School Addition”
In this series of façade studies for a high school addition the approach was about layering around a glass box and showing how transformative that can be, from conservative to interesting.

“Office Complex”
I sketched this during some downtime at a tavern. It’s about an office complex in the Meadowlands, NJ and taking advantage of the water views and its unique site. Eventually I developed this into a metal study model images and site plan.

“Building Complex Metamorphosis”
This a sketch of the timeline for a building complex as I have experienced it, showing the metamorphosis from one social approach to another over the decades. I combined the stages into a collage sketch which I replicated in a water color drawing that I sold years ago.

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