The American College of Greece | Video

Project update on VOA’s design and master planning

In 2011, VOA’s master plan for the American College of Greece won a citation of merit from AIA Chicago for urban and regional design. Following on the master plan, VOA’s work with the college (Europe’s oldest and largest, comprehensive, U.S.-accredited academic institution) continued. We designed a media lab and an espresso café, repurposed a cafeteria, collaborated with the college on faculty offices, designed a music rehearsal and recording facility (currently under construction) and more. Many of these projects can be seen in the holiday greeting video from the American College of Greece.

VOA can trace its relationship with the American College of Greece back to former VOA architect Paul Hansen who introduced VOA to North Park University’s David Horner, PhD, who was university president at the time. VOA created a master plan and architecture for various campus improvements for the expanding university in Chicago—our most recent project being the Johnson Center for Science and Community Life. In 2008, Dr. Horner assumed the duties of president of the American College of Greece. In recent years, VOA has worked closely with North Park University’s current president Dr. David Parkyn and vice president of finance Carl Balsam.

The relationship with the American College in Greece continues as well.

In 2016, VOA will provide a final update to the master plan for the American College of Greece and, subject to approval, the architecture for a new science building and offsite residences at the college.


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