The Future of Design | Video

VOA Washington, D.C. staff peers into design's crystal ball.

Fifty years ago this month, sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov made predictions about the future, several of which were actually on target, as he toured the 1964 World’s Fair in Queens.

Today, designers in VOA’s D.C. office speculate on the future of design in this video produced for screening by visitors to our recent DesignLab spec suite in Crystal City, VA. It serves as part two to our What Is Design clip and should help us all kick off the weekend on an optimistic note.

In the piece, VOA’s Alyssa Smiroldo, John O’Dowd, Doug Jeong, Chris Turner, Christina McEnroe, Lauren Hunt, Leigh Fayfich, Zahira Crespo, Saul Zapata, Sarah Brown, Kate Egan, Fanny Gonzalez, Michele Vernon, Pablo Quintana, Michael Considine, Justin Do and Min Liu play futurists on the topic of design, predicting what elements will drive the course of design in years to come.

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