The Paper Pendant Challenge

How I won LightArt’s traveling design competition

This year, the LightArt team is travelling across the U.S. in their Ignite/Create van (which boasts its own studio with a laser cutter and heat-forming oven) visiting creative professionals and design students. The van recently passed through New York, visiting the Wanted Design Expo at the Terminal Stores building on 11th Ave. Alongside 150 architects and interior designers participating in the three-day event, I took the opportunity to enter LightArt’s Paper Pendant Challenge, the first edition of the challenge LightArt has hosted in New York.

Surprise. I won first place in the NYC competition. Judges said my “design was the most innovative, beautiful, and well-executed of the bunch.” My prize? An LA2 Zero fixture in Hush Gesso.

My goal: Finish in 30 minutes.
With a limited time frame, my concept had to be something fast and easy to execute.

My inspiration: The Brise-Soleil

The previous week I prepared a design presentation on my native Puerto Rico for VOA NY. The Brise-Soleil is one of the most prominent elements of the Puerto Rican architecture. Since it was fresh in my mind, I was inspired by it. I chose to create an organic and fluid membrane with a linear pattern to “filter” the light for my paper pendant. This design could take on multiple variations under the same idea, depending on how it’s folded.

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