Trendspotting at NeoCon 2016

A shift to fractals, painterly patterns and semi-private spaces

Neocon is an opportunity for gathering, learning and continuing the dialogue about design and enhancements to space and environment. Despite the ubiquity of instant online product information, nothing beats the firsthand experience of seeing the upcoming products and trends unveiled each year at NeoCon.

This year’s presentation of new materials and furnishings showcased continued innovations and new tools for designers with which to provide custom, story-driven design to their clients. I stalked the halls and studied the latest products from flooring to standalone spaces. Underlying threads of geometry, light, privacy and customization were on display in the showrooms. Here are four trends that manufacturers are betting designers will embrace in 2017.


Shaw Configure


Geometric shapes capturing energy and movement was everywhere.  Fractal and organic patterns with an emphasis on angles surfaced in flooring and elsewhere.


Light Play

Light Play

A softer hand and artistic aesthetic prevailed in textile design and lighting options at NeoCon.  Look for painterly and custom-looking patterns that play with light in 2017.


Arcadia Co-op

Privacy Please

Finding privacy in today’s open work environments can be a challenge. Manufacturers are responding with spaces that have a semi-private feel and products that can contribute to either close collaboration or enhanced alone time.


Keilhauer: Hangout


Subtle transitions, blurred lines and flowing forms and colors are bubbling up in new furnishings and materials. Advancements in modular furniture offer opportunities to develop multiple seating vignettes within an open environment and varying levels of privacy.  Bold graphics, finishes and subtle color change give designers new tools for customizing color and pattern and developing gradient visuals.

At NeoCon, showrooms transform into idea centers. For a few days each summer, the design community unites and together we explore new possibilities in furnishings and finishes. Ideally, we uncover new ideas and extraordinary contributions to crafting beautiful, functional and imaginative places.

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