VOA, Now Stantec on Fifth Avenue

Flexibility and open space define the new VOA, Now Stantec New York workplace

A new workspace is an opportunity. Our recent New York office relocation provided us with a chance to design a space that would communicate our brand, maximize creativity and set our course for the next decade.

Our expanding practice had outgrown our space in the Flatiron District. As we relocated to Midtown, we designed an office that expressed who we are, what we do and where we’re going.

Previously our brand and design sensibility was not expressed in the workplace. While charming, the cozy Flatiron offices were not ideal for showcasing design in progress to clients. Now, upon entry, it is visually apparent that this space isn’t a typical corporate office, but rather the studio for a creative company. High contrast graphics on the studio doors immediately immerse visitors into the company’s culture. This designer backdrop is a surefire conversation starter.

Designers opted out of the traditional entry and instead chose to create a communal gathering area. The café combines waiting area and pantry in one, exposing visitors to the buzz of activity.  This area serves as the main hub of the office, connecting to the entry, studio and conference hall. The café design reinforces the collaborative nature of the office, further communicating our brand.

Guests arrive in the middle of the floor plan which allows easy convenient access to several locations.  Starting at the entry, the office’s public spaces stagger degrees of privacy, offering a variety of work settings. The multipurpose café fosters casual collisions and impromptu meetings.  A conference hall connected to the café wraps along the perimeter of the space providing huddle rooms, window seating and other work spaces. At the opposite end of the entry is a large materials library that doubles as a dedicated vendor meeting space and ideation lab.

Design flourishes in great light. And natural light can boost morale. Designers made sure to maximize the availability of abundant western daylight in the new office. Glass-fronted offices, conference and huddle rooms are filled with daylight. The studio’s access to natural light and inspiring views of the neighboring New York Public Library and Bryant Park set the stage for design to thrive.


Features which optimize the technological and hands-on aspects of design work are seamlessly integrated throughout the office and studio. Meeting spaces are equipped with videoconferencing, writeable walls and pin-up space for collaboration and ideation while the open studio is equipped with pre-wired bench-style desking. With ceiling-mounted AV technology and black-out shades, the studio easily transitions to a town hall meeting space. Integrated technology maximizes the impromptu work spaces that are sprinkled throughout the studio.

With our New York office, we’ve created a place where ideas, inspiration and great design can flourish.

SIZE: 15,000 SF

TEAM:  Len Cerame, Cayce Becket, Miyuki Habiro

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