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Anji Castle Themed Hotel

The Hotel located in Anji City, Zhejiang province, China. It is the castle themed hotel next to the world famous Hellokitty theme park.  the hotel includes 390 guestrooms, 1,000 net square meters of banquet and meeting space, Chinese private dining facilities, 3-meal restaurant, indoor swimming pool, fitness facilities spa, underground parking and related support facilities. The building is sited along the west side of the site maximizing visibility for the approaching visitor and passersby as well as creating a dramatic and dynamic setting with the natural hilled terrain and green scape as its backing canvas.  Development of the onsite watercourse and siting the building directly to the water’s edge further creates a sense of opulence and luxury as well as enhancing the anticipation of the approach for the guest, the reflectivity of the pond creating a shimmering auspice of the building itself. The configuration of the drop-off roundabout relative to the hotel tower and banquet facilities provide a serene and palatial courtyard reinforcing a sense of formality. The hotel opened January 1st 2015.

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