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John Jessen

Atlantic Council (ACUS)

The Atlantic Council (ACUS) promotes constructive U.S. leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the Atlantic community in meeting the international challenges of the 21st century. In relocating their headquarters, Atlantic Council wanted to create a space that would more accurately reflect their vision and mission. To help Atlantic Council transition from a ‘sleepy think tank’, VOA worked to create a vibrant, media driven hub for international affairs. A large multi-purpose conference center, which can hold up to 200 guests, was designed with flexibility to accommodate several hundred events held each year. The office area features an 80/20 office to workstation ratio and utilizes a mix of open workstations, private offices, and shared offices. With around-the-clock access to real-time news, information, and expert analysis, the design builds on a space where policy discourse takes place easily and freely.

The new Atlantic Council offices move away from a ‘sleepy think tank’ to a space representative of a 21st century vibrant, media-driven organization for international affairs. Flexible, multi-purpose conferencing will enable ACUS to host hundreds of events each year.

- John Jessen

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