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  • Christopher Groesbeck, Principal
Christopher Groesbeck

Beijing Zhongguancun New Material Research & Development Center

The 1.8 million square foot New Material R&D Center creates a campus of inter-connected courtyards that seamlessly integrate the community of office, living, and research and development space to create an environment of “Scholarship in the Garden.” The design combines the methods used in the historical courtyard palaces, temples and traditional Chinese homes with a modern interpretation that engages the contemporary scientific community.

Our goal was to develop a hybrid of the National Laboratory of the future through the development of a campus, a community of scientists with support residential commercial and recreational facilities for the scientists and their families that would focus on cross disciplinary collaboration with laboratories of maximum flexibility and environment that created opportunities for planned and unplanned meetings and dialogue. The campus is both state of the art yet carries on the “scholar in the garden” tradition connecting this development to both past and future.

- Christopher Groesbeck

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