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Michele Vernon

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To address a new, changing client culture and demographic, the offices were redesigned to address the client’s modern, collaborative workstyles, their focus on technology, and the “youth influence” permeating their workplace. VOA’s overarching design concept for the client’s space can be captured in one word: CONNECTIVITY; person to person, group to group, customer to group, customer to product, systems and technology to all, all to the client. These connections are best accomplished organically, not forced. The new design provides a flexible, open, agile environment where connections can be made around any corner, within any area  and at any time. It is a space where clients can participate and connect with staff as well as touch, see and feel the cutting edge technology and solutions that the client is known for. Interactive multi-purpose presentation and demo areas provide a showcase for demonstrating technology to clients. Enclosed workstations with bench seating, inspired by the firm’s London office, provide areas for brainstorming sessions. A new, open look allows staff and clients to participate and interact in new ways, through workshops and feasibility testing, for example, and with open spaces that provide opportunities for impromptu collaboration and conversations. The new design accommodates differing workstyles by providing alternative work settings to accomplish these tasks. It provides choices; choices that satisfy generational, demographic  and work style differences. The proposed  work environment will provide the client with the opportunity for a different level of marketing opportunities where connections are made and relationships nurtured.

We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with this client spanning several projects in the greater Mid-Atlantic region. The new offices for their Digital Interactive Group represent a change in work process. The groups moving into the Digital Interactive space are collaborative and creative. As active participants in the design process they challenged the standard office intensive mindset of other groups at the company. The result is a lively space that reflects their work and energizes their creative process.

- Michele Vernon

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