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  • Christopher Groesbeck, Principal
Christopher Groesbeck

Dalian Asian Film Gold Coast Masterplan

The Dalian Gold Coast project is a movie-themed mix-used development that includes a 5-star luxury hotel and conference center, ocean front apartment district, ocean front villa district, the art and culture district, The movie star Oscar community, the Ocean film castle, the movie star yacht club, and also includes two themed resort islands. The gold coast project will host the Asian international film festival and provide multi-functional space for living, working, visiting and a collective urban environment that is comfortable for all ages and focuses on family activities.

Dalian is known for its beautiful waterfront where the hills and mountains meet the ocean and this site has this same dynamic character. Our objective was to merge the landscape and development into an inseparable totality to enhance and celebrate the existing character of this unique site.

- Christopher Groesbeck

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