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  • John Jessen, Managing Principal
John Jessen

Gallup Organization World Headquarters

Award winning interior design and renovation of- 75,000 square foot space juxtaposing the 130-year-old Masonic Temple and the newly constructed office tower. The combined space is connected by a full height atrium, featuring a “Gallery of What Man Thought” display that illustrates major issues from past Gallop polls and a restored 9,000 square foot Great Hall with a unique multimedia wall.

Gallup President Jim Clifton's vision of finding the heartbeat of the country in their new world headquarters in Washington DC brought together the major pieces of Gallup Organization into a single location.  This is a story of the marriage of old and new; of Gallup’s 75-year polling history co-locating with their newer Leadership Training business.

- John Jessen

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