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  • Leonard M. Cerame, Managing Principal
Leonard M. Cerame

Infor Hook & Loop Group

VOA created a unique, customizable studio for the Hook & Loop group, Infor’s internal brand studio. The open-plan office mirrors Hook & Loop’s non-hierarchical and transparent work culture, with a myriad of work settings to support collaboration and spontaneous discussion. The space provides a variety of work stations and amenities, giving individuals and teams options for how and where they work, including bench desking, conference rooms, pantry with bar seating, lounge/gaming area, telephone booths, and sleeping pods. The space is linked to Infor through the bold central stair, while the Hook & Loop level includes changeable wall graphics allowing Hook & Loop to personalize their space and showcase their work.

Hook & Loop mission is to bring beauty and function together for software engineering. This is reflected in the design of their space meeting their technical demands while at the same time promoting great design.

- Leonard M. Cerame

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