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Nicholas Luzietti

NPV Advisors

The design of NPV Advisors new office provided a unique opportunity to enhance their culture through an open office work environment.  Exposed ceilings create a casual, loft style feeling within a traditional office setting while modern lines and new furniture provide a sophisticated atmosphere throughout the office.   Open teaming areas, located along the primary circulation path, bright colors and angular walls stimulate activity and collaboration.  The large multi-purpose lunchroom, located at the front of the office, delivers panoramic views of Lake Michigan to the entire office and provides a space for all staff meetings and regular lunchtime activities.

With this project for a real estate consultant, the personality and passions of the founder and principal are a key inspiration. The space imports the sleek shape of Italian sports cars and carries that dynamic, high performance spirit throughout the space. The colors have an emotional component; blue symbolizing reflection along the window wall, red for passion in the gathering spaces and yellow representing light in the open workplace.

- Nicholas Luzietti

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