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John Jessen

Pulte Group Headquarters

Pulte Group, a leading US home developer, recently relocated its headquarters from a suburban location outside of Detroit to a new 107,000 SF facility in uptown Atlanta. Pulte’s previous Detroit headquarters was dated, provided little-to-no visibility among employees, and lacked the proper facilities to support the collaborative work styles of its employees. Taking advantage of the relocation, the goal was to create a clean, sophisticated and modern workplace that served as a showcase of the company’s high-end products while creating a work culture fostering energy, connectivity and collaboration.

VOA worked with Pulte in the early planning stages to determine the amount of space required to accommodate their new workplace profile, which shifted from office intensive to primarily open workstations. Many amenities were provided to enhance the work environment, including the main employee lounge known as the Pulte Kitchen, two outdoor terraces, a large flexible conference center, and a range of meeting spaces of varying sizes and technological capabilities.

A five-story interconnecting stair brings all floors together and provides a visual and physical connection for all employees. A number of architectural features incorporated into the space recall the Pulte brand. For example, the Pulte Kitchen and main staff lounge are modeled after one of Pulte’s high-end products. The main reception, known as the Pulte House, is an architectural metaphor that resembles a traditional home.

By designing a new headquarters representative of Pulte’s brand and services while creating a collaborative space for its employees, the end result is a more effective, interactive space that inspires staff and enables Pulte to recruit and retain talent.

- John Jessen

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