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Donald Dorsch

Sasser Family Holdings

Sasser Holdings, a family owned transportation asset services and management business founded in 1928, wanted a workplace design that reflected their company history and core value of delivering innovative services.

The design intention was to “elevate” the freight car from its gritty stock yards origin and lift it to a more heroic status.  The design team represented the spirit of the company by creating large, playful abstract forms resulting in a sophisticated, artistic and sculptural design. Set as the backdrop to a 5,000 lb. truck set, the freight car wall becomes an icon of this successful family-owned operation.

Bold, expressive circles create simple spaces that seamlessly connect to adjacent spaces.  Staggered, three-dimensional photo boxes create a playful history wall, creating inspired site lines to an aquarium teaming with reef life. This integrates the wall between the CFO’s office, a small conference space and the corridor.

The design for this uniquely branded space, complete with half a freight train wheel set in the reception area, emphasizes Sasser’s strong values and quality focused business. Signage and family imagery represent their strong history and highlight their forward looking attitude.

- Donald Dorsch

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