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Christopher Groesbeck

Shenzhen Yuanzhi Pioneer Park

The Shenzhen Yuanzhi Pioneer Park Development is a multi-phased, mixed-use, 6.7 million square foot parcel consisting of an outdoor park, retail complex, office space, five-star hotel and spa, and condominium apartments distributed in eight individual towers around a central park. The program spaces and towers are arranged to maximize the experience of the park and surrounding views.

The complex of towers is organized around a central park, which is connected to the adjacent Lianhau Mountain and Bijia Mountain through a major view corridor and pedestrian bridges.  The complex infrastructure and circulation system for the site is accessed via two main points for vehicular below-grade parking and bus drop off as well as truck and emergency vehicle service.  It is also designed to accommodate pedestrian traffic from planned bus/taxi terminals and a future subway station.

Our goal was to create a place that would be representative of Shenzhen in the same manner as Rockefeller Center in New York, Faneuil Hall in Boston and Navy Pier in Chicago represent their respective Cities; a place that actively engages both the local and regional community. We also wanted recognize the unique aspect of this location, adjacent to the major mountain parks in Shenzhen. Our goal was to connect the parks through the project So that the project enhanced the positive aspects of the existing character of Shenzhen.

- Christopher Groesbeck

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