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Pablo Quintana

Social Tables

Social Tables sought to establish a new headquarters office that would, in the words of CEO Dan Berger, be “the coolest place to work in the City.” The space hits you right away, starting with the bold pink coated lobby before moving into the large, informal multi-purpose “grand lobby”. The design of the 30,000 SF space is on-brand and 100% open plan.

The social spaces set the tone for the rest of the workplace. From large spaces for communal gatherings to an open café and kitchen, to the Tim Burton inspired game room, work blends with life and vice versa.  There are twenty five meeting and collaboration rooms of varying sizes spread throughout the space. These spaces are designed with themes including Grandma’s Living Room, The Park, Spin Studio, Mad Men Office, Yoga Room, and The Greenhouse. They are designed to get staff out of a traditional work environment and foster creativity. Three eight-person collaboration rooms are added to provide teams with space to focus as a unit. The corners of the office are designed as semi-private, informal meeting spaces that feature comfortable lounge seating.

Movement and flexibility are built into the work areas. Workstations are on wheels, enabling staff to relocate based on changing project needs. All workstations can also be converted to standing desks with the press of a button. The space in is constant change with people moving daily and adjusting their personal space to suit their needs.

What does the new tech movement in DC look like? Take a look at Social Tables; from the hot pink lobby, to the massive welcome lounge, to the beehive workspace, this hub of all things tech is never at rest. The 100% open workspace is complemented by dozens of meeting spaces and hideaways for staff to pop in & out off. The result is a truly kinetic environment with endless possibilities.

- Pablo Quintana

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