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John Jessen

The Provision Center for Proton Therapy

Located on the new cancer care campus of the East Tennessee Healthcare Center, The Provision Center for Proton Therapy is the first proton center in Tennessee. Approximately 87,000 SF in size, the facility utilizes a cyclotron-based treatment system manufactured by IBA Particle Therapy, ProNova, and Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. The Center currently houses two full gantries and creates shell space for two future gantries. Patient care areas including treatment, pre-treatment, imaging and exam spaces are housed on the first floor while the second floor provides space for faculty offices, training facilities, and support rooms. Through careful planning and the advancement of technology, the team applied an alternative method of shielding through the use of sliding shielding doors. The Provision Center for Proton Therapy is the first project to successfully implement this approach to shielding.

Design innovations can vastly improve the patient’s experience at a proton therapy center. A new method of shielding using sliding doors in the Provision Center for Proton Therapy, rather than the traditional maze system, is one such innovation. It will result in less time required for each patient in the treatment area, a more efficient use of space, and a cost savings overall for the owner.

- John Jessen

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