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Nan Zhou

Wangfujing Jinmao Renaissance Hotel

Wangfujing Jinmao renaissance hotel is located in the central area of Beijing with 320 guest rooms, most of them with a view of the forbidden city.

The main design idea for this hotel is “...to create a renaissance book”. For centuries, books have been passed from one generation to another leaving behind a trace of history wherever they go; from a shelf to a table, from a home to a museum or library, and from a decorative accessory to becoming an interesting story to tell. We are writing the Renaissance Wangfujing Book experience. In this Renaissance Book, we begin to see an appropriate metaphor and inspiration for the interior design of the hotel, one that helps our patrons explore Beijing and China in depth. Through the metaphor of an open book it retells a myriad of stories from Chinese history. It illuminates the essence of the culture, art, entertainment, theater and music, thereby, the stories of the past from the times of the Emperors and the Forbidden City to the China of today.

Conceptualizing the hotel as a book speaks of the future. New stories may take place here; perhaps it is meeting a new friend, seeing a new place or discovering a new idea. It is about creating experiences that tell stories, with elements that come together in moments of quiet and crescendo. The patron becomes a new part of the Renaissance Wangfujing Book and its future stories.

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