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Mitchell Levy


VOA is currently working on multiple New York offices and two Washington DC offices for WeWork, a company which provides co-working space in several cities across the country. The core mission of WeWork is to create a collaborative community where entrepreneurs and small businesses can interact and exchange ideas. Supporting this goal, the design program includes glass-front offices and benching desking accompanied by community areas including soft seating, conference rooms, lounges, game areas, coffee bars and pantries, and beer carts. Simple finishes and furniture offer a neutral backdrop for each occupant to personalize their space. These private spaces are offset by distinct, eclectic and playful community areas with mood lighting, bright colors, and distressed wood flooring.

WeWork has often been referred to as the workplace of the future, but actually it is the “workplace of now” reacting to the natural market demands of collaborative work, social media and ever growing community of entrepreneurs.

- Mitchell Levy

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