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Nicholas Luzietti

Wintrust Financial Corporation

Wintrust Financial Corporation relocated thirteen individual offices into a single headquarters building in the Chicago suburbs. The firm wanted a facility that would cultivate community within the workplace, build an identity and foster interaction to create a strong spirit of association among the internal workforce.

A balanced environment works hand-in-hand with a productive workplace, creating healthy and happy employees that are more engaged with their customers and peers. Wintrust wanted to provide a space for diverse activities that would support a balanced lifestyle. The amenities that were incorporated into the design include a café and lunchroom, fitness center and showers, entertainment center and lounge with a Chicago style bar, training/conference center, multipurpose/ banquet room, and entry lobby.

Each space takes on its own personality; the café is calming and soothing to renew employees as they take a break from the office environment, the fitness center is bright and lively to encourage activity, the Chicago bar is dark and intimate for privacy and relaxation and the lobby is crisp and welcoming.

When the workplace captures the warmth and spirit of your daily life... people enjoy going to work. The combination of design elements such as a fitness center, bar, lounge area with fireplace and various meeting and collaboration spaces demonstrates the importance of the individual. Wintrust expands the idea of a full-spectrum life experience.

- Nicholas Luzietti

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